“Hunt in the Dark” – Electronica, Dubstep

Dubstep, Electronica.
Beautiful Piano, Electrical ambient, Boosted Drum and Bass.
Including wav and mp3 file.

140bpm, 2min 23sec.

Including: 2 files – Full version(wav,mp3).

Price: $18 – $306
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Hunt in the Dark Item Page

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“Light Flower” – Electronica, Dance music

Upbeat electronica, dance music.
Included 2 versions loopable files.
132bpm, 3min 41sec.

Including: 5 files – Full version(wav,mp3), Divided Intro/Loop(Short1), Short2 vesion.

Price: $18 – $306
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Light Flower Item Page

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