“Future Design” – Corporate, Motivational

Corporate music, Image of future product.
122bpm, 1min 20sec, including 5 versions.

Including: 5 files – Full version, Short1,2,3 and 4 version.

Price: $14 – $238
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Future Design Item Page

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“Resolution” – Cinematic, Heroic, Orchestral

Orchestral Heroic music.
Image of Rescue, Defense, Resolution, Operation etc..
117bpm, 2min 23sec.

Including: 3 files – Full version, Short version1, Short version2.

Price: $18 – $306
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Resolution Item Page

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“Fortunate Memories” – Piano solo, Romantic

Romantic piano solo song for Wedding, Ceremony, Valentine’s day and more happiness scene.
75 bpm, 2min 13sec.

Price: $18 – $306
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Fortunate Memories Item Page

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“Fairies’ Night” – Ambient, Atmosphere

Fantastical Ambient music.
Image of silent night in forest of fairies.
3min 30sec, 80bpm, female vocal (scat/fictitious language).

Including: 2 versions – Normal & Mixed ambient.

Price: $18 – $306
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Fairies’ Night Item Page

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“Trust and Friendly” – Corporate, Uplifting

Corporate / motivational music.
Piano, Celesta, Strings, Guitar, Drums, Percussions.
1min 20sec, 128bpm.

Including: 5 versions – Full, 15×2, 30 and 60sec versions.

Price: $14 – $238
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Trust and Friendly Item Page

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