“Epic Legendary Trailer” – Cinematic, Orchestral

Massively cinematic music.
148bpm, 2min 22sec.
Orchestra instruments and Choir!

Including: 5 files – Full version, 15sec version x2, 30sec version and 60sec version.

Price: $18 – $306
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Epic Legendary Trailer Item Page

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“Emotional” – Romantic, Cinematic, Classical

Romantic classical music.

86bpm, 1min 51sec.

Including: 2 files – Full version(wav,mp3).

Price: $14 – $238
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Emotional Item Page

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“Fortunate Memories” – Piano solo, Romantic

Romantic piano solo song for Wedding, Ceremony, Valentine’s day and more happiness scene.
75 bpm, 2min 13sec.

Price: $18 – $306
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Fortunate Memories Item Page

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“Jingle Bells” – Christmas song, Pops Orchestra arrangement

Christmas song “Jingle Bells”, pops orchestra arrangement.
Like a Jazz big band, swing and upbeat! 🙂
103bpm, 1min 59sec, including looped audio.

Including: 5 files – Full version(wav/mp3), Divided intro/loop/end files.

This track is included in the ‘Christmas Carol Pack‘.

Price: $14 – $238
Buy License (via AudioJungle): Jingle Bells Pops Orchestra Item Page

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